11+ DIY Wood Pallet Ideas (Very Inspiration) to Your Apartement

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Do Mason pallets and jars have anything in common? yes Both are both useful for storing goods, of course this is a very useful idea for those of you who live in tiny apartments.

What is the difference between wooden pallets and jar jars? Wood pallets can be recycled into storage and seating, while mason jars? … not too much. Because who wants to sit on the glass? So, wood pallets are a new innovation, far more flexible and safe.

The best part: wood pallets are very easy to find, or as Lifehacker’s article “Find Free Shipping Palettes and Wood Restored for Your DIY Project”, by asking owners of hardware, parks, or independent electrical supply stores if they have some to spare.

So, consider saving the planet, and the limited space in your apartment, taking inspiration from the wooden palette of these 11 easy DIY wooden pallet projects.

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1. Wood Pallet Sofa (A comfortable DIY wood pallet corner sofa with book storage space)

Apart from lighting a fire so that you and your friends warm up, what will you do with six wooden pallets?

The following idea, you can stack two levels high and place a soft pillow on top to make a comfortable sofa corner wooden sofa. Wooden pallet palette that has a lot of storage space for books, magazines, and your iPad or Kindle that tries to make the two previous formats become obsolete.

2. Wood Pallet Jewelry Holder (A DIY wood pallet jewelry holder used for necklace storage)

Are you in a hurry to get ready to work and get out the door? There isn’t enough time to find chic clothes, the solution is to go with a black dress instead. But still need something? use a necklace as a complement. so that your necklace is easy to find, make a wooden palette jewelry holder to store your necklaces, earrings and bracelets in a clear view.

3. Wood Pallet Cooler (A DIY wooden pallet cooler with drink and beer storage space)

Summer is almost over, but there is still time left for you to enjoy one last barbecue with your friends. Whether you host or attend a BBQ, cooling wooden pallets makes your drinks cool and the balcony decorations get cooler with a unique beverage storage tub

4. Wood Pallet Barn Door (A DIY wooden shipping pallet door used for privacy in tiny apartment rooms)

Thinking of giving your apartment a rustic makeover? Or maybe dividing a room into two for more privacy? Make it happen with a wood pallet barn door that conceals your rooster, we mean, roommate.

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5. Wood Pallet Towel Rack Shelf (DIY wood pallet towel rack has plenty of bathroom storage space)

Just because your bathroom might be located indoors does not mean the furniture inside must come from there. Pamper your eyes on this cheap wooden pallet towel rack to hang two bath towels and store all your bathroom equipment.

6. Wood Pallet Planter Tower (A DIY planter tower made from reclaimed wood pallets with plant storage)

Everyone’s apartments look green, and nothing is better than storing your plants in their natural habitat. For those of you with a backyard or a small balcony, or just love for a good outdoors, wooden pallet planters make an impressive gardening tool, splash.

7. Wood Pallet Hanging Bed (A DIY wooden shipping pallet bed hanging from trees)

how nice it is to sleep accompanied by stars scattered in the sky. The bed is a wooden pallet hammock that has enough space for two people.

8. Wood Pallet Pet Bed (This DIY wood pallet bed is storing a white and black dog)

when your pet is jealous looking at your bed, it never hurts to make their bed with a cute wooden pallet. you agree right?

9. Wood Pallet Coffee Table (Upcycle wood pallets into a DIY coffee table)

If you come from an imaginary school of thought that says “if your coffee beans come from nature, you must have a coffee table,” then the wooden pallet is the perfect addition to your living room.

10. Wood Pallet Chair ( A cozy DIY wood pallet chair with a pillow and a throw blanket on top for comfort)

What chair are you sitting in now? Chances are that it’s not as sweet as this wooden loveseat, you can make it on weekends when you have free time

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11. Wood Pallet Swing (A DIY wooden shipping pallet swing on a porch)

sit back in the afternoon swinging, who doesn’t want to? You can take this idea, make a swing from a wooden pallet.

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