These are The Creative Things to do with Mason Jars, check it do!!

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I had deliberately bought mason jar to be my main tool for morning coffee ritual. One reason is because often see some cafes often rely on this mason jar. Impulsive and commute, but at least I can make more coffee if I want to, so that goes.

But over time, by mistake alone, this mason jar looks so ugly. Dull because sometimes not directly washed after use, and also cracked due to accidents that can not be avoided. Mason jar that was originally cool now I never wear at all. However, the shape is still intact and dear if it is thrown away, but it may not be donated to others.

I am looking for some ideas to make use of this mason jar, and find some cool ideas. If you have excessive mason jar or that is too outdated, maybe you can use it to be cool things below.

1. Place Unique Tissue

Some mason jar sold in pairs with lid. With this cover, you can easily turn it into a unique tissue box to decorate your living room table. To make it, you just need to drill mason jar cover of 5 × 1 cm. Then, so that the outside does not look outdated, you can coat it with a unique patterned fabric or even paint it at will. Not hard, is it?

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2. Cheerful Pencil Pots

Mason jar you can also use as a container of your stationery that may have been too much or scattered everywhere. No need stepwork, just enter your stationery into it. To be more pleasing to see, mason jar hiaslah first. Most easily, you can enter the mason jar in a colorful flannel container. Or if you can paint, make a funny picture like above.

3. Unique Bathroom Container

Rather than not used at all, there is no harm in the old mason jar used as a container in the bathroom or sink. Besides, hey, the shape is pretty cool too to decorate your bathroom. For example, you can put a toothbrush along with toothpaste in the mason jar. To be more interesting, try adding a ribbon on the neck mason jar to make it more sweet.

4. Elegant Flower Vase

Yup, I can not possibly forget the idea of ​​converting an outdated mason jar into a flower vase. If your mason jar is too dull, use a gold or silver pilok to cover it up, and finish. After that immediately fill with a little water, then enter the bouquet of beautiful flowers in it. Now, a vase of gold or silver flower you already have and ready to make the table or dining table in your house look more elegant and classy.

If you want, you can also use flowers with mason jar container as a gift for people you love!

5. Tiny Candle Place

Create a warm atmosphere indoors, beautiful candles are the answer. How to make this candle look beautiful there are many, one of which is utilizing mason jar. The idea of ​​decorating it too much, you can fill it with unique ornaments such as sand and gravel, wrap the outside with colored paper color and make it emit a different color, and much more depending on your desires and imagination.

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Interesting is not a functional item you can make from your old and dull mason jar? But, a little leak ya, actually mason jar dull you can look back to shine by washing it with rubbing ash. So, in addition to changebe a variety of goods appropriate, mason jar belongs to you is still worth to be used as a drink container kece, really!

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