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  • Getting the Right Soil for Healthy Tomato Plants

    Getting the Right Soil for Healthy Tomato Plants

    No ratings yet. You’ve heard all of the horror stories about starting a tomato garden, including insect infestations, fungal diseases in plants, and low tomato production. Well, there is one secret to avoiding all of these problems, and that is having good, healthy soil for your tomato plants. Having the right soil will ensure that […] More

  • Why Choose Organic Gardening?

    Why Choose Organic Gardening?

    No ratings yet. Every year there is more interest in organic gardening. It is no wonder why. Organic produce tastes better, it is better for the environment and it is healthier for the people who consume it. But what does it take to garden organically? There are many different ways to approach organic gardening. Some […] More

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    How to Grow Rosemary in Your Herb Garden

    No ratings yet. Of all the plants you can grow in your garden, herbs are some of the easiest to care for. One fairly easy plant to obtain and keep alive in your garden is Rosemary (Rosemary officinalis). Rosemary are in the mint family, so it is no surprise that they are wonderfully fragrant. That […] More

  • Creating a Retaining Wall for Your Garden

    Creating a Retaining Wall for Your Garden

    No ratings yet. Often, when we don’t have a lot of yard space, or have oddly-shaped or sloped yards, we make the best with what we do have, and have gardens that are sloping. If you have such a garden, there is a way that you can create a flat space where you can have […] More

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    How I Grow Thyme In My Herb Garden

    No ratings yet. Thymus is a small evergreen aromatic woody-based dwarf shrub. It is easy to grow as it doesn’t mind dry conditions and grows well with other herbs. There are many varieties of thyme, some grow as a small shrubby bush while others grow as a mat, forming creeper ground cover that, when you […] More

  • Garden Soil Preparation

    Gardening Bulbs – 6 Important Steps of the Garden Soil Preparation

    No ratings yet. There are few types of the soil, like loamy soils, sandy soils, peat-bogs, grey forest soils, black earth, brown soils and few others. Each of these sorts has its qualities, like presence of the organic substances, micro-organisms, mineral elements, higher or lower levels of alkalinity and acidity. When you know the type […] More

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    6 Ways to Save Money With Dollar Wise Garden Designs

    No ratings yet. Who doesn’t like to save money? With a slow economy, home owners are finding it harder to decorate their outdoor rooms and backyard getaways on a budget. However, here are some ways to trim costs and still get beautiful results straight from landscape and home design experts. 1. Find a Designer for […] More